C Grade muddies bring home trophy

C Grade Muddies bring home grand final trophy

Tuesday January 6 2015, 4:40pm

By Steve Doble


The C Grade Astute Financial Muddies have brought home another Grand Final trophy after topping Tully at the end of December. 

In a revised format of two day matches pre Christmas allowing a one day comp post Christmas the Astute Financial Muddies C Grade side greeted with excitement the task of representing the Douglas Region sporting fraternity in another 2014 Sports Grand Final on December 20th and 21st. 

The GF was an extended format final with the normal 60 overs a day increased past that of Test Cricket with time for some 100+ overs each day and the match played on consecutive days - Saturday and Sunday rather than over two weekends (Sundays only). 

Prior to the toss of the coin a pitch inspection revealed some moisture that despite having a preference to bat first the Muddies felt would offer something for the bowlers and losing the toss they had the chance to test the theory. 

Michael Shulz, still restricted by age to only bowl 16 overs a day managed 4 consecutive maidens in his first 6 overs as “Good Bloke” Redderz toiled at the other end. Neither despite the pressure they put batsman under managed a wicket, nor did Adam Lucas as first change with Tully duly taking their time to be 0/35 at first drinks. 

At 0/53, Tully in the 23 over were comfortable with their position until Madcrab Macca fielding close with a plethora of injuries stuck out his mitt to see the ball stick, rewarding Luca. 

The Muddies stuck to their task with equal diligence as another partnership formed but 1/102 became two wickets with Ged Jedi Walsh completing a handy stumping rewarding Redderz in his 15th over to have 1/23. 

The Tully opener watchfully passed 50 in yet another worthy partnership and the Muddies still held their heads high with a few tight chances just missing the outreach of fielders until Doble also fielding close had to spin around quickly to chase a ball skied off Redderz just over his head which diving he took, Tully 3/146.

Their Skipper came in next no doubt keen to see his opener score 100+ and their team move well into the 200’s+. Neither happened as the Muddies dug deep for their Club, keen to have a chase-able target and relying on strong team spirit and constant bowling changes to keep their limited bowler numbers fresh. 

Shulz was rewarded with an LBW and with Tully failing to add to the score Redderz had the opener sky a catch to mid on swallowed by a very hungry Dr Raj, Tully finally faltering at 5/157. 

Young Keel Sorensen was brought in and out of the attack bowling deservedly while the young Tully batsmen were well engaged by Senior Muddies players in close to break any concentration they attempted. 

Shulz bowling from the other end took advantage of Sorensen’s pressure and Tom Goodall (not so fresh but well in tune from CFN Rep duties all week) completed a catch for him with only 3 more overs available in his day’s quota. Skipper Doble removed Shulz from the attack for no other reason than to save him should Tully rally again at 6/174. 

The chit chat to the remaining young batsman worked as he and his partner called falsely off a Sorensen no ball surprisingly caught by Darlington who then threw to the keeper to complete a run out instead. 

The Muddies tightened the field and upped the pressure allowing another run out, a stealing catch by Raj from the keeper’s call and gloves and Luca bowling the last batsman to be all out 199, the last eight wickets falling for just 53 runs. Redderz 3/49 off 25 overs, Lucas 3/65 off 20.3 and Shulz 2/22 off 14. Padnakad 2 catches.

Muddies then had to bat the day out, some 26 overs with Darlington the Blaster playing an extended 39 ball innings for 8, caught, leaving Keith Taylor and Ged Walsh at the crease.

Muddies knew that the secret to winning were partnerships and occupying the crease which this duo did emphatically putting a 100 run stand together over the space of some 67 overs.

Both teams were fighting hard but Taylor went LBW for 41 off 203 balls and Ged soon later caught pushing too hard at a ball in searing heat for 58 off 222 balls. Tom Goodall is a naturally fast scorer and the middle order set about a different game to the gallant efforts of the top 3 by pushing some more 70 runs in the mere space of 16 overs, Tom bowled for 21, Doble buckling over from being hit in the box and given out plumb LBW 13, Lucas flashing his blade for a very quick 28, it seemed the entire momentum had switched in favour of the undercrabs.

But at 6/178 they still needed some 22 runs and if done quickly there would be over three hours to still play and in Club Cricket anything can happen in that time! Sorensen fought relentlessly, ignoring the 5 fielders surrounding him and chirpy keeper who was telling everyone he would win it on his own - the same keeper who dropped two catches in the innings.

Madcrab Macca hobbled around as Sorensen finally scored his first run off his 62nd delivery, but this did not matter the Muddies had dug in! Macca was caught for 7 at 185 and when Raj was bowled without troubling the scorers at 8/185 Redderz lacking in his batting confidence but unarguably capable managed 10 before being given LBW, Muddies still 4 runs short.

The two school lads Sorensen and Shulz remained and with Doble speechless and unapproachable on the boundary, the latter finally hit the winning run before being bowled soon after, Sorensen helping save the day with a commendable NOT OUT consuming 83 deliveries of the 20 overs it took to get the last 20 runs!

Astute Financial Muddies C Grade bringing another 2014 Grand Final trophy home to the Douglas Region!