Familiar Faces series to recognise 'unsung contributors'

Friday February 20 2015, 2:55pm

A series of personality profiles by freelance Port Douglas journalist Rick Stoker will recognise the colourful characters and unsung heroes of the Douglas Shire region. 

Rick, a prolific writer and regular Newsport contributor, has worked tirelessly since October 2014 buried in interviews taking photos and reviewing drafts before finalising the collection, which he has titled ‘Familiar Faces of Port Douglas”.

Some of the Familiar Faces include Combined Club president Kim Rowley, prominent theatre figure Jack Heywood, deputy mayor Abagail Noli and Ballyhooly train driver.

Rick said his motivation to produce the series was to give recognition to the people around the region that deserved it.

“I wanted to focus on people that aren’t just well known but added value to the community,” he said. 

“I thought these unsung contributors should be seen and heard about.

“It wasn’t easy to get enough people in the right place at the right time, but I think it’s been worth it in the end.”

Newsport will publish a Familiar Faces article every week for the next 11 weeks.