Councillor wants fluoride back

Thursday February 26 2015, 4:00pm

A Cairns Regional Councillor has argued for bringing fluoride back into the city’s water systems. 

Councillor Richie Bates was the only councillor to vote against the removal of fluoride from the Cairns Regional Council (CRC)’s water supply in 2012, and has welcomed the newly-elected state Labor government’s willingness to debate reintroducing the chemical’s use. 

“The addition of fluoride has been universally praised by health organisations as an effective measure in reducing dental cavities,” Cr Bates said. 


"Treasurer Curtis Pitt is to be commended for his proactive stance on fluoride, respecting the best scientific advice and data from our peak medical authorities.

"It's refreshing to see a new state government accepting their responsibility and governing for all Queensland rather that allowing significant health policy be decided by individual councils.”

The decision to remove fluoride from the CRC’s water supply happened prior to Douglas Shire’s de-amalgamation and the DSC has not reintroduced the chemical to Douglas Shire’s water.

Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu said she wasn’t aware of any enthusiasm to reintroduce water fluoridation in Douglas Shire, but council would listen to resident’s concerns on the issue.

““Ultimately it would be a decision of the elected Council in consultation with the community [to reintroduce fluoride], she said.”

“Reintroducing fluoride doesn’t appear to be a significant issue in my dealings with the local community, or the other Councillors as far as I’m aware, and at this point in time Council has other priorities.”

Comments on the Newsport’s previous articles on the removal of fluoride indicate many in Douglas Shire are strongly opposed to the use of the chemical. 

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