Search for missing Cape York man continues /Newsport (copy 1)

Search for missing Cape York man continues

Tuesday March 18 2014

Police divers are expected to arrive at Archer River this afternoon to continue the search for a 69-year old Weipa man who was swept away while attempting to cross a flooded causeway.

Authorities say members of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service's Swift Water Rescue team will work with the divers at the search site.

A decision will be made regarding when to commence the search subject to river conditions.

Police say two men travelling south on the Peninsula Development Road drove across a causeway at Archer River, north of Coen at around 5:30pm last Friday.

The vehicle was swept downstream but one of the occupants managed to escape, swimming to the bank of the river.

The incident wasn't reported to officers until 3.30pm on Saturday and a search started immediately for the car's missing second occupant.

The Queensland Police Diving Unit was deployed from Brisbane and are arrived in Cairns yesterday.

The unit then drove to the remote search site, estimated to be a 12-hour drive northwest of Cairns, to continue the search.