'No-one to blame' for traffic lights says construction company /Newsport

'No-one to blame' for traffic lights says construction company

Tuesday March 11 2014

A construction company has leapt to the defence of developers blamed for the installation of traffic lights in a small far north Queensland town.

Developer, Town and Country has overseen the expansion of Woolworths in Mossman and will erect the lights on Front Street near the supermarket.

Mossman residents rallied to have the decision overturned, staging a protest in February.

But Prime Construction Director, Andy Taylor, whose business is completing the works, said the company was merely following guidelines.  

"Everyone's trying to find a scape goat and it's no one's fault," Mr Taylor said.

"Main Roads were very fair through the process but they have guidelines."There is a design criteria for these roads ... and Main Roads have an obligation to meet design criteria."


A number of factors were taken into consideration prior to the decision to install traffic lights, Mr Taylor said.

Traffic volume and the location of schools and businesses in relation to the lights were taken into account, he said.

"It's a pretty ugly little area in there really, there's quite a lot of traffic," Mr Taylor said.

"It became obvious that the best result for all parties were traffic lights."

Mr Taylor said criticism of the company's decision to install the lights was unwarranted.

"Town and Country are a fantastic local company and I was quite disheartened to see that they've copped the brunt of this," he said.

Weather permitting, Prime Construction aim to have the supermarket open for business by early April with works completed on the site by the end of the month.

Town and Country were contacted but declined to comment for this story.