New bonds formed at friendship day /Newsport

News bonds formed at friendship day

Thursday March 6 2014

Men's Results 

In pairs championship on Saturday P Gorsuch and T Brylack def. P Cleary and R Edwards 25-15.

In social bowls P Morison and R Ashford def. T Pisot and D Egan 20-19, F Daley, G Marsh and G Bolton def.

T Holmes, J Bremmer and Zilly 25-17, and the undeniable winners of the day were G Wilmot and B Kearny who defeated A Douglas and The Kiwi 20-3.

On Sunday, some decisive wins in A grade saw D Egan def. J Cook while B Wolland def. P Cleary, B grade singles saw P Janssen defeat A Christie.

Next Saturday social bowls will commence at 1:00pm as usual and on Sunday A grade singles competitions continues with Doug Pitt to play R North, P Janssen Vs G Wilmot, D Blain Vs R Edwards and Kiwi Vs N Tesch. 

Ladies Results 

It was wonderful to see forty ladies enjoying themselves on the Friendship Day.

The winner of the spiders were Denise Highland and Sonia Edwards.

Lucky door prize went to Martine Plumbe and games winners were Bev Zillfleisch, Carole Maxted, S Morgan and Estelle O'Rourke in first place, Kay McDonald, Sonia Edwards, LeAnne Banks and M Rusic took second place and Janice Brlyack, K Gardiner, M Baker and Christine Rowbury came third.

The encouragement award went to Jan Gard, Margaret Cooper, Martine Plumbe and Jane Milivojevic.

Normal bowls start again on Thursday, May 6.