Carnivale is taking it to the streets /Newsport

Dancing in the streets for Carnivale

Wednesday March 19 2014

A giant flash mob is set to take over Carnivale's showcase event this May, bursting onto the streets in a flurry of colour and synchronised dance moves.

Organisers are set to re-energise the annual street parade in Port Douglas, with hundreds of dancers from community groups, businesses and sporting clubs joining the mob.

During the procession, dancers will emerge breaking into a choreographed routine set to a yet to be determined song.

A flash mob is a group of people who meet in a public place, most often to break into dance, or perform an entertaining activity.

More than five thousand people are expected to attend the parade this year.

Organiser, Roy Weavers said the flash mob would encourage bystanders to join in the fun of Carnivale.

"This will be the first real crowd participation in the history of Carnivale," he said.

"It's always been that people just watch the street parade.

"Now, they'll be a part of it.

Mr Weavers said organisers have aimed to improve the Carnivale experience with new ideas.

"We wanted to give back to people and this is a good step forward," he said.

Anyone interested in joining the flash mob can email for more information.

Carnivale runs from May 16-25 with around 50 floats expected to take part in the parade this year.