Cape cops seize sly grog /Newsport

Cape cops seize sly grog

Wednesday March 12 2014

Kowanyama Police have charged a 19-year-old Mooroobool man with one count of possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

Police allegedly seized 5.6 litres of rum and vodka after the man flew into the community at about 6pm yesterday.

Senior Constable Russell Parker said black market liquor sales are a significant problem in Cape York communities, where packaged liquor can change hands for more than ten times its normal retail value.

"That liquor seized, the Kowanyam police have information that was going to be sold for 400 per bottle," Sen Const Parker said.

"They also have unconfirmed reports that similar bottled spirits change hands for anything up to $700 a bottle.

"When you take into the profits related to sly-grogging, you realise the significant challenges faced by police on the Cape York community."

Kowanyama is one of nineteen communities in Queensland with alcohol limits.

The maximum penalty for a first-time offender breaching the alcohol limit is a $41,250 fine.

Repeat offenders can face up to 18 years imprisonment.

The man is due to appear in the Kowanyama Magistrates Court on March 13.