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Bullets fly in 'blustery' conditions

Tuesday March 11 2014

Malcolm McKellar has won the Full-bore Target Rifle Double 700-metre Competition with an up-and-down 96 points out of a possible 105 near Mossman at the weekend.

Norbert Schmidt took the F-Class Standard Target Rifle match with an impressive 122 points out of a possible 126 and six super-centre bullseyes.

Competing in overcast, humid and blustery conditions presented a challenge for target rifle shooters in a Double 700-metre competition.

In the first 700-metre match, Neil Attwood opened the Full-bore Target Rifle (308 cal., peep-sight, manually-supported) competition with a four-point 'inner' and a fine centre-bull.

But despite four more five-pointers, two late inners and two wayward three-point 'birds' Attwood closed with a reduced, but respectable 43 points out of a possible 50, with one centre-bull.

Ric Mischlewski followed and opened strongly with two five-point bullseyes.

Unfortunately, he had difficulty with the 'hold' on his new rifle and pulled a three and two fours on his next shots before coming off the mound to make adjustments.

McKellar then took the mound and, having shot well at the Mareeba Annual Prize Shoot two weeks ago where he picked up a second in the Full Bore Division 2 Aggregate, adjusted incorrectly from Mareeba’s 'yards' to Mossman's 'metres' and a scored a three, a four and two more threes as his first four-to-count saw him frustrated and confused.

He gathered himself at the tail-end of the match, closing with four five-point bullseyes, but the damage was done with a score of 41/0.

Given the latitude of a 'Club' shoot, Mischlewski returned to the mound to complete his match.

He was assisted in his set-up before winning the match over Attwood on count-back with an impressive 43/2.

Norbert Schmidt opened the F-Class Standard Target Rifle (308 cal., telescoped and bipod-supported) category with a five-point bullseye, a six-point centre-bull, and a six-point super-centre bullseye, defying the blustery conditions.

He then pulled a fine string of six more six-pointers, interspersed with just one five point centre-bull, to finish with an outstanding 58 points out of 60 with one super-centre, taking the match win for the category.

In the second 700 metre match Attwood again opened for Full-bore Target Rifle, but immediately retired due to injury.

Conditions had improved marginally as the wind abated, and, in evidence, Mischlewski took the mound and settled into a consistent string of bullseyes and centre-bulls.

Three dropped points from three interspersed four-point 'inners' saw him close with a very impressive 52 points out of 55 in the 11-shot match with 3 centre-bulls.

McKellar was last down and determined to make amends for his first match disaster.

He opened with two five-point bullseye sighters, which he carried, and then went on to pull eight straight five-point centre-bullseyes, including four super-centres, before closing with a regular bullseye for a perfect score of 55 with eight centre-bulls, to take the match and the competition.

Norbert Schmidt’s second range for F-Class Target Rifle saw him continue his fine first match form, dropping just two points amid a string of five super-centres and four centre-bulls.

He closed with another impressive score of 64 points out of 66 in the 11-shot match with five super-centre bullseyes.        

The Club meets every Saturday at 1:00pm at the Mossman & District Rifle Club Range mid-way between Port and Mossman, and visitors are always welcome.