Mossman Rifle Club Report

Monday January 13th 2014

Weare takes honours in Full Bore shooting

Saturday saw five shooters turn out for the first comp of the year with only three competing.

Rob Wearne took honours in the Full Bore discipline with a double 600 metre score of 100/5 from a possible 105, followed by Neil Attwood with a combined score of 83/1. Norbert Schmidt shot very well with a combined score of 120/6 from a possible 126  in the F Class category.

Norbert Schmidt was first to set up his kit on the 600 meter mound and commence firing on what was a very overcast and extremely humid afternoon, Norbert dropped 1 point to achieve a first range score of 59 with 3 super bulls eyes.

Rob Wearne was next to compete in the  full bore ( open sights and manual rest ) comp with his 308 rifle. Rob squeezed off ten well placed shots to achieve a first round score of 48/2 from a possible 50.

Neil Attwood was  on the mound next competing in the Full bore comp. Neil opened with low scores and finished with a low score of 34/1.

Norbert Schmidt was back again behind his custom 308 and 40 power scope Norbert had trouble locating the center as the target is fully black with no center markings. Norbert shot a second range score of 61/3 from a possible 66.

Rob Wearne was back for his second range. Rob shot very well to achieve a score of 52/3 from a possible 55.

Neil Attwood was again on the mound behind his trusty 308. Neil shot much better in the eleven shot match to score 49 from a possible 55.

A big thankyou to Jed Kemp for marking and Ron Schild for scoring.

The Club meets every Saturday at 1.00pm located half way between Port Douglas and Mossman on the highway. New shooters and visitors are most welcome.