Hype surrounds secret gig at QT

Monday January 6th 2014

Hype surrounds secret gig at QT

QT Port Douglas is already the town’s top place to be and be seen, with this Thursday’s free secret gig at the lux resort sure to boost its TripAdvisor ratings even further.

With only a few clues available to indicate the performing group’s identity – an Aussie dance/electro group boasting ARIA award wins and a breakthrough single reaching 2x platinum status - hype and speculation are building among locals.

“Of course we could have let the cat out of the bag and promoted the event in a traditional manner, but where’s the fun in that?” said PR and Events Coordinator, Emily Byrne.

“A little mystery and suspense keeps things interesting and gets people talking; and is quintessentially QT. We’re a brand that behaves differently– you never know what to expect from us!”

It follows similar hush-hush, headline-making concerts in December last year, with Opens external link in new windowthe Foo Fighters serving up a slice of music manna for patrons at Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorbank, California, and Opens external link in new windowColdplay taking to a pub's stage in Somerset, England, for an unannounced 40-minute set of their greatest hits.

Known for its ‘Mad Men meets the Hamptons’ vibe, the former Rydges Sabaya Resort received the designer QT makeover in May 2012 and is now considered a dominate force on the North Queensland luxury accommodation landscape.

“We’ve been sitting on this since late November, but we’ve had to bite our tongues and get through the silly season before going public," Ms Byrne said.

"It’s been tough keeping it hush-hush because we’re so excited, and we know Port Douglas will love it too. We can't wait until Thursday!"

The fun kicks off at 7pm with DJ entertainment at QT's Estilo bar. The in-house bartenders have prepared an original cocktail menu sure to refresh and recharge the crowd in the warm-up to the big reveal.


QT Port Douglas Secret Gig

87-109 Port Douglas Road

From 7pm


All Ages