December Best Photo competition winners

Thursday January 23rd 2013

Shay Bourne captured his impressive sunrise turtle on Machans Beach just after 6am on October 5 last year.

"I have been entering the photo comp for about 3 years now," Mr Bourne said.

"The appeal is having my photos up with so many fantastic photographers on such a good page, not to mention the top prizes up for grabs!"

December's victory isn't the first time in the Best Photo winner's circle for Shay, who also lists one second place win, a few third prizes, and a few Most Popular.

"I have been into photography for about five years now. Before that, it was art and graphic design, so the camera is just a new way of doing my art," he said.

"My favorite thing to photograph is wildlife and pets, and landscapes. But, the wildlife needs to be wild - not in a cage. "Hunting" with a camera is the best."

Second prize winner Charlotte Hellings snapped the baby crocodile at Zoo to You headquarters in Cairns.

"It wasn't the easiest shot to get as it was taken through glass and the light was very poor," she said.

Ms Hellings has been an avid photographer for about three years, and first entered the Best Photo competition just over a year ago.

"I enter because I love to showcase the region as best as I can, and I always love seeing everyone else's amazing entries.

"I have won a couple of prizes through the competition since I've been entering. It's always a shock to win something as the class of photos entered are always outstanding."

"A friend gave me her DSLR and I've slowly taught myself how it works and new tricks. The main reason I wanted to learn photography was to get better photos of my children but I grew a love for all kinds of photography very quickly and I haven't stopped since. "

Ms Hellings said her favourite photography subject "is definately a tie between photos of my kids and capturing all the things that make them unique, and taking landscapes of the region we live in."

"It's amazing here and I love how diverse the landscapes are."


'Watermark' - Julie Doswell

Ian Waldren captured his Most Popular 'Bird flight on the wing' photo on November 13 last year, at Newell Beach.

"The kite snatched a small fish from the shallows and ate it in flight," he said.

Mr Waldren first became interested in photography in 1972, after purchasing a "very basic Russian-made SLR."

He first entered the competition in April last year, just after moving to the area, and has already claimed two Best Photo wins and one third prize.

"The competition provides the opportunity to share images rather than just having them sitting on a hard drive, and promotes the scenic beauty and wildlife of the region," he said.

"I concentrate on nature photography, particularly birds and reptiles, and macro photography of insects and flowers."