Where to now for the Taipans?

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Where to now for the Taipans?

If one was to turn the NBL ladder 180 degrees the Taipans would be on top! Yep, that’s right, after a pre-season which picked up two great college recruits and scoring machine Cam Tragardh our Snakes are bringing up the rear.

I caught the game against Perth live and was optimistic our boys were due for a form reversal and home win, but from the tip-off it was never gonna be the case.

It took the home side over five minutes to score for starters and with the 10 – 0 lead the Wildcats had they, like any good side, never surrendered it. They gave us a lesson in team defence, mental toughness, great ball movement and execution.

Reigning MVP Kevin Lisch was mouth-watering to watch and unfortunately the only shining light in a scrappy home game.

So where to now for our Taipans?

There are many ways to skin a cat and I would start by getting out some sharp knives! Money is always an issue with changes and the Taipans are not the Collingwood Football Club who can light there cigarettes off $20 bills. But if they want to improve, changes are definitely needed.

Import Shane Edwards needs to be replaced – sad but true. There’s an ex-Wildcat centre looking for a game right now (Michael Dunigan) who would be worth the punt. Once again, easier to play this card if cashed up!

This guy bangs the boards, plays tough and could inspire the rest of these guys to snap out of this rut they have themselves in.

Fearne might also need to bench underperforming players who are relying on egos and past performances to get their pay packets. I could name names but I won’t as opinions are like bum holes - everyone has one. I just hope they can pull something out of this train wreck of a season.

Losses mean less bums on seats which turns into less revenue and before we know it our Snakes are shaky to stay alive again and that would be sad. Make some moves now if you can.

Yesterday I wrote about a guy who hit a centre court shot in Adelaide and was denied a $5000 payment as it was his second attempt.

It turns out he received his $5000 after all. If it was for $50,000 it would have been a compelling argument in court as both sides had every right to fight.

$5000 would barely tickle a lawyer's pocket so the NBL and iiNET probably did the right thing. So Merry Xmas to the Haler of the Mary!

I remember “back in the day” (great saying from us 40+) that at a Chicago Bulls game 20 years ago a guy netted a three-quarter court shot for a cool $1 million.

The fine print read the shooter could have no professional basketball on his resume yet some college ball showed up. The guy in the wig ruled in favour of the house which was harsh but justified.

Chicago Bulls superstars Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the rest of the Bulls squad dipped into their own pockets to pony up the dough. How cool’s that? Imagine being able to do that! There should be an unrestricted license for these types of shooters in the USA!   

Snakes have got the Gong on Friday night in the Gong – Gong by 15
TV vs NZ – NZ by 2 in OT
36ers vs Kings – Kings by 86
Perth vs Tigers – Lisch 80 to beat Tigers 75