This fan feels for Fearne

Monday 7 January 2013

This fan feels for Fearne

For all you AFL fans out there how often of late do you cringe when a key forward takes a grab 10 to 15 metres directly in front of goal and then sprays the kick for a minor score or worse – out of bounds on the full?

These guys get paid great money yet quite often miss absolute sitters. Then imagine the frustration of coach Aaron Fearne when the Taipans lose the New Year’s Eve clash to the NZ breakers by 5 points and they only connect on 15 shots from the charity stripe from 36 attempts!

Says Fearne, "we did enough to win the game, we make free throws, we are a chance. But 15 of 36, are you serious? Far out, I’ve never seen that in my life.”

No, nor have I and Shirley you can’t be serious? That’s a 40% conversion rate! 40% is ok from the 3 point line with defence climbing all over you but an absolute disgrace from a no ‘D’ 12 footer!

So imagine being a Collingwood supporter and watching Travis Cloke kick 4 goals and 10 behinds (from easy set shots) and losing a close contest. You might slightly feel Aaron Fearne’s pain!

Add to that the Pies can now no longer make the finals and then you are almost directly in his shoes.

The last article I wrote was about how the coach had to adjust to this particular squad better and run plays to their strengths. It looks to me like he did that on NYE - his game plan was spot on.

The coach, however, cannot come onto the court and shoot the ball for his players (even though I have no doubt he would have done it better) so the players need to get over this mental issue of bad shooting very quickly.

Either that or Dave ‘00’ Evans needs to get the glad wrap off the rings before tip off! The season is slowly slipping away which is very sad as it’s quite a talented roster.

In other NBL news there’s been some controversy at a recent Adelaide 36ers home game. Major sponsor iiNet put up $5000 in winnings for a fan plucked out of the crowd if he/she could make a half-court shot at half time.

The original shot got wedged between the backboard and the ring (which is quite rare but does happen) so the court announcer told the guy to take a second shot.

To the delight of the fans he swishes it! iiNet, however, refused to pony up the dough as the first shot missed.

If I was at the head of this internet company that had a net profit of $50 million last fiscal year I reckon I’d avoid the bad publicity and give this guy some love.

Maybe $5000 in product could work? Maybe take it out of the court announcer's wage for telling him to take the second shot? Maybe get this guy to shoot free throws for the Taipans – let’s face it 1 from 2 from half court is way better than 15 from 36 from close range!

No i won’t dwell on that...