Miglioranza quite a catch

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Miglioranza quite a catch

Muddies Green and Rovers checked out the Griffith Park pitch pre-game which looked sensational, but noting some softness under the surface Muddies were keen to bowl first.

The surface baked up harder under the immense sun on one of the hottest and most humid days they had experienced.

The toss of the coin saw Muddies gain their preference, Butters managing an improved length for a first over maiden followed by Sorensen with a leading edge off his first delivery to Miglioranza (the first of four catches the latter was to complete in the innings).

Sorensen followed with three wides in his first over as the ball deviated massively off the seam, and with Butters overstepping the mark five times in his early overs, sundries (innings total 19) were setting a formidable pace the batsmen could not keep up with.

Butters (1/16 off 5) followed up in his fourth over with a text book bowled top of off, followed in the next over by another wicket to Sorensen (2/9 off 6) when Redfern managed a sensational catch diving from first slip to virtual second slip as the ball pounded the palm of his hand and stuck between thumb and forefinger to have Rovers 3/16 off 8.  

Rovers’ left hand batsmen Cook (26) was quick to pounce on some uncharacteristic short deliveries from Miglioranza. The pitch had high bounce and carry even on a full length, and Cook took 15 off the bowler's first two overs before the Miglioranza tightened to return 3/5 off his next four overs, including two caught and bowled.

At the 15 over drinks break Rovers were 6/37. Barnes controlling big swing and seam managed 3/26 off 6 overs also with a caught and bowled.

But Rovers’ number 9 batsmen managed to dominate the strike plundering the only other double figure tally with 23 before Darlington was lifted off his first delivery to a deep “cow corner” where Miglioranza took his fourth and hardest catch to bring to an end a tenth wicket partnership of 22.

Rovers all out in the 27th over for 82.

In the absence of Julian Harrold, a returning Redfern opened the batting with a luckless Darlington who managed eight deliveries before flaying at a wide delivery only to see his stumps broken by a thick inside edge leaving Muddies 1/9.

Miglioranza, who had dealt with his catching voodoo, looked like he had also dealt with some low batting form as he and Redfern put on 34 together.

Pictured: Simeon Miglioranza faces while Jordan Butters watches on at the non-striker’s end.

Redfern was about to change bats, tired of lusty hitting not making it to the boundary, but holed out to be caught inside the boundary for an equal match best 26.

Rain fell very heavily reflecting the “red zone” on the radar and the pitch received covering just in time with Muddies 2/50 off 8 and 1hr 45mins of play remaining.

Around 40 minutes of play was lost and the match was reduced from 30 overs to 25 overs, and a revised target of 71 seemed well within reach.

Having done the hard work Miglioranza (12) ran himself out in tip (according to his batting partner) to leave Muddies Green 3/55.

Doble (13no) and Butters (11no) with a beloved new bat saw the team home only to have the umpire insist the pair face an extra over despite the scorers confirming the target had been met.

Butters just survived what he claimed was a calculated lob over the bowler’s head and Doble used defence to see out the remaining unnecessary deliveries.

3/75 off 15 overs cemented what is now their outright number one position on the competition ladder!