Fast food for Food and Wine 2013

Friday 25 January 2013

Fast food for Food and Wine 2013

Organisers of the Port Douglas Carnivale event 'Food, Wine, and a Taste of Port' are taking steps to regain its noted reputation after party goers were left unsatisfied in 2012.

A review of the event has been undertaken by Events NQ, and according to events co-ordinator Sarah Whipp, the challenges faced last year have been addressed.

"We take on board all compliments and criticism and want to thank those who have supported us in the past," she said, acknowledging those who have travelled from around Australia to attend the event over the years.

Ms Whipp told The Newsport that participating restaurants will have twice the space in which to operate in 2013 (increasing from six metres to twelve metres) to avoid the long delays which hampered the 2012 event.

At this stage seven restaurants have signed up with the expectation of more to come.

"I think some restaurants haven't been part of it because they're busy during Carnivale and it's extra work to do off site catering. But Salsa has come on board and they've never been involved before," Ms Whipp said.

But 2012 wasn't all doom and gloom. Legendary bands Dragon and The Black Sorrows were lauded for their performances, and a coy Ms Whipp promised this year's act will not disappoint.

"It will go down well," she said.