Early days but minds made up

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Early days but minds made up

If early results from The Newsport Poll are anything to go by, pro-amalgamation supporters have plenty of work to do ahead of the 9 March referendum.

While the poll is reflective of broader public opinion (some of whom will be ineligible to cast a vote at the referendum), the extent to which readers have seemingly already made up their mind on the issue is somewhat surprising.

At the time of reporting some 60 per cent of respondents had indicated a return to a Douglas Shire is their preference, one in four said they'd prefer to stay aligned with Cairns Regional Council, while just 15 per cent had not yet made up their minds.

The debate over the ultimate cost of de-amalgamation continues to rage, and the issue appears headed for a situation wherby voters will cast their vote based on who they believe - Queensland Treasury Corporation, or Friends Of Douglas Shire and their commissioned report.

QTC estimate ratepayers will be faced with large increases, while FODS have indicated no increase in rates will occur due to de-amalgamation.