Triumphs and tribulations at Tinaroo

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Triumphs and tribulations at Tinaroo

Lake Tinaroo was the location for round one of the 2013 Outrigger canoe Grand Prix series at the weekend. The day started in heavy rain with the single (OC1) and double (OC2) races.

Kim St.Pierre/Kelly King and Mia Messenger/Dani Bellero were head to head from the start in the women’s OC2 race, with the Open Crew St.Piere/King just getting in front to win silver in their category and Messinger/Bellero placing fourth in the Masters.

But the most impressive performance of the day came from Monique Johnson in the women’s 4km OC1 race. Missing the start due to a problem with her canoe, the field had about a minute's lead before she even crossed the starting line. At the 2km turning point she had caught up and then charged through the field winning the race with an impressive lead.

Faye Lilly coming fourth overall dominating the Golden Master division.

The 12km OC6 race saw another internal club battle between the open crew (Kelly King, Kim St.Pierre, Cecily Ridderhof, Monique Johnston, Jenifer Patte and Ingrid Juchem) and the Masters crew (Jan Ward, Dani Bellero, Mia Messenger, Denise Lee Long, Jacky Cooke, Lili Jansen).

With just a few seconds behind the crews from the host club Hekili Cairns, Magnetic Island and Coral Sea Townsville, the two Port Douglas teams had established a 100 metre lead over the rest of the field approaching the first turn at the 4.5km mark.

Pushing each other all the way the lead remained until the end, the Master team just being in front of the Open team, securing fourth and fifth place overall with silver for the Master team and bronze for the Open team in their divisions.
“The three leading teams all where paddling in new light weight canoes,” new Club coach Monique said. ”We borrowed one for our Master’s crew but our Open team was paddling a canoe almost 80kg heavier."

President Ingrid Juchem said it was important to the future of the club to raise the thousands of dollars required for new equipment.

“We are in desperate need for sponsorship and our fundraising will be targeted to raise money for one of these canoes worth around $22,000. Without it we will not be competitive in the near future and I believe our membership will drop if we can’t update our equipment.”

Pictured below: The Port Douglas Outriggers' V12 (two outrigger canoes rigged together) with an all women's crew in the 6km race.

The newly formed Senior Master team (Christine Garabedian, Meg Craven, June Hall, Liz Ryan, Leanne Griffith and steerer Faye Lilly) included three novices, came fourth in their division in the 12km and 500 metre race.

The Open team collected a second bronze medal in the 500 metre sprint, while the Master’s team came fourth in a thrilling finish missing out on third place by less than a second.

Tim Ellis, Bill Ridderhof and Lee Foster joined up with the Open men’s team from Cairns Beaches and competed in the 12km and 500 metre race.

Other highlights

Christine Garabedian competing in her first ever OC1 race
Juchem/Patte coming fourth in the Open Women OC2
Lee Foster competing in the Senior Master Men OC1