Shooters brave the heat

Monday 4 February 2013

Shooters brave the heat

by Steve Cruickshank

Saturday was another hot and steamy day at the range with a few good men turning up to try their skills behind their favourite rifle.

First on the mound was the Club’s Captain, Neil Attwood, in the Target Rifle Division (308 manually supported peep sights) 600 metre comp. Neil opened with a 3 and a 4, he cut the 3 and went on to squeeze off a string of 4s and 5s with a one magpie sneaking in between shots to give him a final first range score of 42 out of a possible 50.

Up next was Gus (Robert) Gusmeroli in the F Class (308 bipod supported telescoped) comp. Gus opened with 3s which he cut and then went on to shoot a mixed bag with three bullseyes and one super bullseye giving him a total score of 49/1 from a possible 60.

The Club’s stalwart (dependable and loyal) member, Ron Schild, was next on the mound. Ron opened in the Target Rifle (308 peep sights) comp with a pair of 4s which he cut and then went on to squeeze off a string of 4s, broken intermittently by a V Bull and a Super V Bull to give him a first range score of 43/2 from  a possible 50.
Neil Attwood was back on the mound for his second 600 metre range. Neil opened with two bulleyes as sighters which he kept and went on to shoot a pretty good round with a total score of 50/1 from a possible 55.

Gus Gusmeroli was back at the mound for his second 600 F Class comp. Gus opened with a Centre Bull and a 4 which he kept and then he settled down to shoot a hand full of bullseyes and 5s and some 4s giving him a score of 56/1 out of a possible 66.

Ron Schild was back for his second 600 metre range in what was turning out to be a difficult range as the mirage was lifting the target and making it dance all over the place.

Ron opened with a  Super V Bull and a 4 which he kept and then went on to shoot a plethora of 4s and 5s to give him a final second range score of 49/2 from a possible 55. Not bad for an 80 year-old.

Overall, results for the day were tight with Ron Schild taking the honours in the Full Bore Target Rifle Comp with a combined Double Range score of 92/4 over Neil Attwood with 92/1 out of a possible 105.

Gus Gusmeroli’s Double Range score was 104/2 from a possible 126 in the F Class comp.

This Saturday’s shoot has been cancelled due to Range Officer Training in Cairns. We will be shooting the following Saturday on the 16 February at 1:00 pm at the range half way between Port Douglas and Mossman on the Captain Cook Highway.

All interested persons in this challenging and fine sport are most welcome. For more information you can call 0477 226 700.