NBN fibre rolled out

Thursday 14 February 2013

NBN fibre rolled out

Super-fast broadband for North Queensland a step closer, with NBN Co installing the first fibre optic cable in Cairns on Tuesday as part of the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

The distribution fibre, which links an exchange at Shield Street in the central business district to homes and businesses in and around Cairns, was hauled on the corner of Hartley Street and Grafton Street.

“Today’s fibre haul here in the Cairns marks an important step in the rollout of the NBN in Queensland,” NBN Co spokesperson Ryan Williams said.

“Construction work has already commenced on rolling out the NBN to around 140,000 homes and businesses in Queensland, including 7,500 premises in parts of Cairns.

“In parts of Cairns we’re aiming for construction to wrap up at end of the year, which means home and business owners are expected to be able to connect to services over the NBN shortly after, including the main business and shopping precinct."

Mr Williams said that in addition to the work underway to connect parts of Cairns, work is under planning or construction in other areas in Central and North Queensland including Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville. NBN Co is aiming for the first stage of construction in all areas to be completed throughout 2013.

“By mid-2015 construction is set to have commenced or be completed for more than 678,000 premises across Queensland," Mr Williams said.

“We plan to connect every home, school and workplace in Australia to the NBN within the next decade with a combination of fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies."

Rollout of fibre in Douglas remains at least two or three years away, with fixed wireless and satellite the alternatives in the short term.

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