I won't overrule: Crisafulli

Tuesday 12 February 2013

I won't overrule: Crisafulli

The Minister for Local Government, David Crisafulli, has guaranteed de-amalgamation will go ahead if that is the wish of the majority of voters at next month's referendum.

As Minister, Mr Crisafulli has the power to overrule the result of the referendum, but has vowed to let the people decide.

“I want this referendum to be as simple and straightforward as possible,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“The question clearly informs residents that a new council will have to absorb all of the costs if they vote in favour of de-amalgamation.

“If more than fifty per cent of voters choose de-amalgamation, work will begin on establishing a new Douglas Shire Council."

Mr Crisafulli urged voters to be fully informed prior to making their decision.

“This is a rare opportunity for people to vote on their system of local government and it’s vital they’re armed with all of the facts when they cast their vote.”