Fun format for Junior Muddies

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Fun format for Junior Muddies

The first ever home turf match for all Muddies Juniors (8 to 16 year-olds) between 'D’Adonna’s Dreamers' and 'Evan's Eternals' saw almost 30 young cricketers take to the field.

The format was three overs per batting pair with all players bowling as well in a fast-paced, fun match.

The older Juniors ensured each player was challenged by player of similar age and ability and the concept confirmed the sportsmanship required certainly exists at Douglas Cricket Association.

Batting in pairs included a mere three run deduction for getting "out" rather than being "out." This saw the first innings total of 106 reduced by 24 runs (8 wickets) to 82.

Michael, Vincent, Luke, Connor, and Hayden took wickets and Kaela managed a run out. Ryan and Scott managed the best batting partnership before brothers Keel and Kaiden eclipsed it, as did the older boys Ethan and Nathan.

The Dreamers team showed great batting efforts chasing the Eternals’ total. Vincent managed a boundary and Levi two boundaries batting with sister Kaela. Ashley/Michael and Ben/Hayden managed 19 a pair.

But it was the tight and it was the Eternals’ bowling that won the day with Zanda 2/3, Josh 0/3, Raine 1/5, Aden 0/1, Tex 1/1, Rueben 0/2, Kaiden 2/3 and a run out to Ryan. Dreamers managed 42 after wicket reductions.

The event is definitely set to be repeated at least once or twice next season. It’s free and fun on a Friday so keep an eye out for your open invitation as everyone can participate.