Mossman Bowls Results

Tuesday December 10th 2013

Mossman Bowls Results

Men's Results
The Bunn and Belshaw day was another outstanding success with many thanks going to our sponsors for yet again putting on an annual event to remember.

The competition saw T Pisot and R Edwards def. Zilly and P Cleary 22-16, Rangi, L Valentine and P Gorsuch def. J Bremmer, R Gard and E Smith 17-8, B Kearny and R Ashford win plus 9, A Boundy and D Egan def. C Andreassen and B Wolland 27-17 and the big winners were M Boundy and Kiwi who took home the hams after a win over Morrie and G Wilmot 30-9.

Next Saturday will see D Egan, P Cleary, Ted Pitt and Dick Pitt play Doug Pitt, N Tesch, R Edwards and Eden Pitt in championship fours competition.

Pairs championships continue with A Christie and D Blain to play R Ashford and G Wilmot.

Jackpot bowls will commence at 1.00pm with registration closing at midday.

Ladies Results
Everyone was a winner last week as the ladies held a very successful Christmas party that was enjoyed by all.

Thursday (12th) is our last meeting day for this year. The meeting starts at 10.30am and will be followed by the Christmas Ham Day.

Thursday 19th December will be the last ladies bowls day. Selectors for this day are Barbara May and Zina Girgenti.