Community concerns still priority for Kempton

Community concerns still a priority for Kempton

7.00am Member for Cook, David Kempton, has reiterated his commitment to working with the community on landscaping for the new Port Douglas roundabout, after residents raised concerns over paving on the median strip.

Mr Kempton attended a community forum at Port Douglas’ Clink Theatre on November 25th, moderated by the Mossman Botanic Garden group.

During the meeting, as The Newsport reported on November 27, MBG President Alan Carle said “participants were discouraged that the median strips were being concreted and paved without consultation. David Kempton said he would stop that work, and yesterday afternoon work was postponed pending the final plans.”

However, a Mossman resident, who did not wish to be named, noted “terrible-looking red bricks” have been used to pave the median strip on the south side of the roundabout’s median strip.

“Apparently, [Mr Kempton’s] promise was broken. What happened to the idea of some lovely landscaping?” the resident said.

Mr Kempton said he contacted the Department of Transport and Main Roads regarding the paving issue after the November 25 forum.

“I was told the paving was to be spread on existing concrete, and as that particular area was so shallow, landscaping and vegetation wasn’t possible,” he said.

“But I did try.”