Telstra scam claims victims

Friday December 20th 2013

Telstra scam claims victims

Police are warning members of the public to be vigilant following reports of a scam claiming several victims in Queensland.

The scam operates in a similar way to the “Microsoft scam” where victims are called by a representative claiming to be from Microsoft who then asks for access to their computer or payment of a fee to have it repaired.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group explains in this scam victims are called by a technical repair company claiming to be operating on behalf of Telstra. Again the caller requests access to the victim’s computer remotely to “repair” the fault.

“The caller then overcharges the victim subsequently offering to refund the money to them asking them to establish an online money transfer account which needs to be linked to a credit or debit card.

“Instead of refunding the money, they take money from the account. Telstra has received several complaints of this occurring in recent weeks,” Detective Superintendent Hay of the said.

Telstra will never contact you asking you to verify your personal details. If you feel you have been compromised it is imperative you contact your bank and credit card provider immediately.

To ensure you are not becoming a victim of fraud, it is essential you remain alert and to those who contact you requesting access to your computer or banking accounts or details.

For further information on how to stay safe, visit the Queensland Police Service website or for updated scam information.