Mossman & Districts Rifle Club Report

Tuesday December 17th 2013

Wearne takes honours after return to range

Mossman and District Rifle Club Target Shooting, 600m double

December 14, 2013

Rob Wearne takes honors in the peep sight full bore division after a three month absence from the range, with a score of 98/5 over Neil Attwood on 93/3 while Norbert Schmidt shot an average 600m F-class scoped division, scoring 116.

Saturday saw six members turn out to the range with only 3 opting to shoot on a very humid sticky afternoon.

Norbert Schmidt was first to set up his gear on the mound shooting in the F class division, Norbert opened  with two birds for sighters and then went on to fire off ten pretty good shots with a final first range score off 56 from a possibe 60 with 4 dead centres.

Neil Attwood was next on the mound to set up his Full bore target rifle. Neil opened with 2 Bull eyes and then shot a few V Bulls dropping only 2 points for a final score of 48 from a possible 50.

Rob Wearne was last on the mound to set up his Full bore rifle and let go 2 low sighters  and then went on to squeeze off ten shots to score a first range of 46/2 from a possible 50.

Norbert Schmidt was back again to try and better his first range. Norbert opened with bull eyes and went on to shoot a mixed bag finishing with a score of 60 with one dead centre from a possible 66. 

Neil Attwood strapped on his jacket again for his second range. Neil opened with a super V bull  followed by 3s, 4s and 5s to give him a second range score of45/1 from a possible 55.

Rob Wearne was back on the mound to try his eye again at the 600m range. Rob opened with a super V bull and then squeezed off a run of bull eyes and v bulls with a few 4's sneaking in to give him a final score of 52/3.

A big thank you to everyone on the day for marking and scoring and thankyou to everyone that has supported the club throughout the past year. Our next shoot will be on Saturday the 11th January, 2014.