All smiles at Craiglie's upgraded service station

Tuesday December 17th 2013

All smiles at Craiglie's upgraded service station

Motorists across Queensland may be paying more at the pump, but Craiglie locals and visitors can at least enjoy less congestion and more retail options at the upgraded Shell/Coles Express service station, which reopened for business last week.

News of the upgraded facility, on the Captain Cook Highway just south of the new Port Douglas roundabout, comes at an ideal time for motorists planning to travel during the upcoming holiday season.

Owned by David Roney, the service station offers eight lanes and 33 pumps, including diesel and gas, plus more staff - a major boost compared to the previous four-laned site.

Though news of the total rebuild and temporary loss of local access to LPG was initially met with community concern, customers and employees are now nothing but positive.

Port Douglas local Fiona Lloyd is in her first week of employment at the service station.

"It's been going really well," she said.

Chelsea Malinas, of Killaloe, has been a Coles employee for two years and welcomed the staff increase.

"I have 'little people' and would like to have more options for relief," she said.

Ms Malinas said the upgraded Coles Express offers "much better conditions for staff and much more choice for the consumer."

Meanwhile, discounts through fuel shopper docket schemes offered by Coles and Woolworths will be capped of 4ยข a litre from January 1.

Ccompetition regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, made the announcement earlier this month after a two-year investigation into whether fuel saving schemes issued by the chains were causing less competition in the retail fuel market.