Wearne takes clear win

Monday 26 March 2012

Wearne takes clear win

Saturday was very hot, very humid, and the range still very boggy after several rainy weeks, for Target Rifle shooters in a Double 600m competition.

In the first 600 metre match Rob Wearne started the Full-bore Target Rifle (308 cal., non-telescopic, manually-supported) competition in a field depleted by the State Elections, weather conditions, and member injuries.

He opened with a 5-point centre-bull, he closed with another, but dropped in five 4-point ‘inners’ mid-shoot under the pressure of heat and humidity, to post a barely acceptable, for him, 45 points (out of 50, this 10-shot match) with 4 centre-bulls.

Neil Attwood was last down, and after two 2-point ‘outers’ as sighting shots he rose to the occasion, opening strongly with two 5-point bulls-eyes and a centre-bull, but then falling away under the oppressive conditions with a string of 4-pointers and a disappointing 3-point ‘bird’ to hand this first match win to Wearne.

In the second 600 metre match Wearne again opened for Full-bore Target Rifle, this time with a more acceptable bullseye, centre-bull, centre-bull string.

He again finished strongly with another bulls-eye and two more centre-bulls, but was once more let down mid-match with a string of disappointing 4-pointers to close with a slightly improved percentage on 50 points (out of 55, this 11-shot match) with 4 centre-bulls.

Attwood was again last down and he rose to Wearne’s challenge, opening with the same strong 15 point triple of centre-bull, bullseye, centre-bull.

As with Wearne he pulled another 15-point combination towards the end, but he too was let down by a mix of ‘flyers’, including an inexplicable 2-point ‘outer’ and three 3-point ‘birds’ mid-match, to fall behind Wearne with just a 45/4 and again forfeit the match.

For Target Rifle for the day, the Full-bore Target Rifle Double 600m Match was taken by Rob Wearne with a creditable 95 points (out of 105) and 8 centre-bulls, over Attwood 2nd on 88/5.

The Club meets every Saturday at 1pm at the Mossman & District Rifle Club Range mid-way between Port and Mossman. Visitors are always welcome. 

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