Vaughan gets Olympic nod

Thursday 8 March 2012

Vaughan gets Olympic nod

The Taipans copped a smashing at the hands of Gold Coast on Saturday night which consolidated the visitors as definite playoff contenders and has left us in a two horse race with Townsville.

With heaps on the line the home side just couldn’t find answers against a very slick opponent who now have a top two finish in their sights.

We are currently split with Townsville at two wins apiece this season, but fortunately their run home is slightly harder. They have Gold Coast (home), Perth (away) and New Zealand (home) while we have Perth (away), Sydney (home) and Adelaide (home).

I’ll predict Cairns winning two of these and Townsville only one to give us fourth spot.

If we finish with the same record as them it will come down to the points spread of the four games and Townsville will just edge us out. That would be a tough scenario but very much a possibility.

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Coach Fearne will be telling his troops to re-group after that loss and to concentrate only on what they have control of – winning their last three games!

They can start by getting Perth in Perth again for the second time in two weeks and that would make our foe Townsville a little shaky in the knees. Roll the dice...

In great news for our region, former resident and Gazette journalist Vaughan Mayberry has been given the nod to officiate basketball at the London Olympics.

Vaughan has been an NBL umpire for seven years now and there is no bigger reward in that caper than plying your trade on the biggest stage. Well done Vaughan, you now have the best seat in the house to watch Chris Paul lob alley oops to Blake Griffin.

Next week let’s see who’s making their move in the NBA...