Too much bowls is never enough

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Too much bowls is never enough

It was an action packed weekend for men's bowls with Club Championship competition and Social Bowls on Saturday and Championship games on Sunday.

Men's Results

In Saturday's Club competition, K.Pitt, C.Andreassen and C.Maxted defeated J.Maxwell, S.Jellis and D.Egan 23-20.

S.Renton and Zilly defeated C.Pitt and S.Parkes 25-10, while T.Pitt, C.Wills and P.Cleary defeated B.Barabas, T.Pisot and D.Beaumont 29-10. 
In Social Bowls, Morry, G.Bolton and B.Wolland defeated S.Chatterton, G.Wilmot and Doug Pitt 21-17, J.Girgenti, and N.Tesch defeated A.Christie and R.Gard 24-14, and G.Marsh and D.Blain defeated Dick Pitt and Colt Dwyer 30-11.
The action continued with the singles competition on Sunday and R.Gard defeated J.Maxwell 26 -18, D.Blain defeated S.Parkes 25-10, B.Wolland defeated P.Cleary 25-12 and T.Brylack defeated Doug Pitt 25-6.
Next weekend will be jam-packed with championship and social bowls again Saturday and more championship games on Sunday.

Men's Fixture

D.Egan, C.Dwyer, “Sub” and S.Jellis vs B.Wolland, N.Tesch, A.Conray and C.Wills in the fours.
D.Blain, Zilly and S.Renton vs T.Brylack, G.Marsh and S.Chatterton in the threes.
Pairs competition will be Doug Pitt and R.Ashford to play C.Maxted and Dick Pitt. T.Pisot and J.Sellars to play G.Banks and G.McLean.
A grade singles: D.Egan vs G.Wilmot, B.Wolland vs G.Banks, and D.lain vs N.Tesch.
B grade singles: S.Jellis vs G.McLean and C.Dwyer vs J.Maxwell.
Ladies Results
The first game of Championship Fours was played and the winners were Maree Crees, Margaret Cooper, Carmen Bolton and Bev Zillfleisch defeating Val Robinson, Janice Brlyack, Zina Girgenti and Robyn Petrus.

Two games of social bowls were played with Jan Gard, Jean Marsh and Honey Coysh defeating Greta Kessler, Carole Maxted, Jenni Avis.

Denise Highland, Judy Maxwell, Glenise Sharp defeated Betty McClelland, Glen Lepp and Estelle O’Rourke in the second game. Zina Girgenti was the raffle winner.

Thursday 8 March is meeting day at 10.30am with all welcome and it is also the Mona Carson Day. 

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