Palm tree removal commences

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Palm tree removal commences

Wed 2.06pm Work has reportedly been halted on the removal of coconut palms with six of the 55 left standing.

More to come shortly.

Wed 12.14pm Work has commenced on the removal of over 50 coastal palm trees at Four Mile with a number already reduced to woodchips.

Council have advised that 3,000 native trees will be planted as part of a revegetation program, however many locals are against the removal of the mature trees.

One reader of The Newsport said the palm trees are an important part of the tropical image of Port Douglas and removal of the trees, should it continue, may harm that image.

Council have said the revegetation program is important in the fight against erosion, and have promised to maintain a facade of palms along the foreshore.

Council's Regional Manager for Douglas, Liz Collyer, was unavailable for comment today.

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