New arrival for Skysafari

Tuesday 27 March 2012

New arrival for Skysafari

About 100 invited guests from the business community joined Skysafari owners Za Harricharan, Chief Pilot Brad King and their staff to welcome the latest edition to the Skysafari Helicopter fleet, the Robinson 66. 

In fact it was Chief Pilot Brad King who flew the new helicopter into the middle of the party at 6.45pm where he pinpointed his landing just off the practice putting green at the Mirage Country Club. 

Most guests watched from the balcony of the Fairview Lounge as Brad showed off the aerobatic capabilities of the new helicopter out over the practice range lagoon. 

Whilst the resident crocodiles known to live in the lagoon didn't seem to take any notice the attendant crowd cheered and clapped the spectacular arrival in the dramatic dusk light as the sun set over the surrounding range. 

The new helicopter is sporting the Skysafari platinum class livery of bright orange rather than their standard yellow but you certainly can't miss this new edition.

This new helicopter can seat four passengers and can fit about four sets of golf clubs in its hold or as one onlooker suggested one very large esky!

Among the dignitaries in attendance was the (now we know) new Cook state government member of parliament, David Kempton, although of course he didn't know he was the new member of parliament until the following day. 

Mr Kempton said he was happy to have a quiet evening in Port Douglas before the election day mayhem that was undoubtedly to follow the following morning to enjoy this wonderful new show of confidence and expansion by the Skysafari team for Port Douglas.

Federal MP Warren Entsch agreed whole-heartedly with this sentiment saying, "It's wonderful to be able to celebrate this new arrival.  It is a great sign of confidence for the region, congratulations to the Skysafari organisation."

The new helicopter will be in service in a couple of weeks after its final tests. 

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