Last ditch pledge to Mossman

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Last ditch pledge to Mossman

Cook ALP candidate, Jason O’Brien, has announced more funding for local schools and a reminder of his commitment to Mossman ahead of this weekend’s State Government elections.


Following last week’s announcement of a $600,000 grant to build new science and technology facilities at Mossman State High School, the school has now been granted $78,730 for maintenance projects.


Mossman State School and Miallo State School were also granted $79,800 and $69,900 respectively in the latest round of funding in the State Government’s $134.8 million school maintenance programme.


“These projects not only provide better facilities for our students, but also provide much-needed jobs for local workers and contractors,” Mr O'Brien said.


Meanwhile, Mr O’Brien said Mossman Gorge community locals would continue to gain jobs, training and services with the Queensland and Australian Governments providing $222,000 and $111,000 respectively over two years to Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku to deliver municipal services.


"Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku (BBN, the local elected indigenous organisation) is the owner of a freehold lot at Mossman Gorge, which has 22 houses and other infrastructure and facilities such as footpaths and a sporting field," he said.


"BBN is responsible for maintaining all improvements and providing local government services such as street lighting and water supplies to this lot.


"This joint funding will help the BBN deliver these municipal services such as roads, drainage and sewage."


Mr O'Brien said the funding would also provide four full-time and four part-time jobs in the landscape and maintenance team.


"And the good news is that this funding will continue to enable local people working for BBN to carry out landscaping and maintenance work," he said.


"I'm pleased to see officers from state and federal agencies working with BBN and the Cairns Regional Council to sort out land and infrastructure issues so that in the next year circumstances should be right for Cairns Regional Council to take up the delivery of normal municipal services from BBN.”


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