It's a lockout. Meridien closes slipway

Tuesday 13 March 2012

It's a lockout. Meridien closes slipway

Meridien Marina has taken the drastic measure of closing the slipway which services dozens of vessels, effectively ceasing operations for the time being.

Last month, fishermen expressed concern about the lack of viable alternatives should the slipway be closed as part of the waterfront redevelopment, however, in a statement from Meridien Marina they have attributed the closure to Steven Stonier, the slipway operator, saying he was in arrears with his rental payments.

A statement from the Marina's managing director, Russel McCart, read:

Marina management have re-entered and taken possession of all premises in the Port Douglas Marina Complex and the adjoining slipway used and occupied by Steven Stonier, trading as FNQ Marine Institute and Island Point Marine Pty Ltd.

From Friday, 9 March 2012, Mr Stonier and Island Point Marine Pty Ltd will no longer be trading or operating from any premises within the Port Douglas Marina Complex and the adjoining slipway.

Essentially, Mr Stonier has been unable to meet his rent commitments for over a year. We have been very patient and done everything we can to assist him. He has fallen further and further behind and we cannot forbear any longer.

With respect to the Slipway operations, we have considerable experience with running boatyards and we are confident that the slipway at the Marina will be open within the month and offering first class facilities to the boating community in and around Port Douglas.

We are talking with a potential slipway operator at the moment.

Slipway customers may leave their name and contact details with the Port Douglas Marina Office and we will advise them of details of the new Slipway operator, when that person or entity is confirmed, including any proposed re-opening dates.

Mr Stonier was yesterday preparing a response to Meridien Marina's claims with his lawyer. 

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