First stop, Dubai, for young star

Thursday 8 March 2012

First stop, Dubai, for young star

Local cricketing star, David Coulthard, has been selected for the Under 15 Australian squad after being Queensland's leading wicket-taker during recent State titles.

Coulthard took a total of eight wickets in his five matches, many of them key scalps of top-order batsmen, but remained modest about his success.

"I expected to bowl well but I didn't expect to take that many wickets because at that level it's hard to get batsmen out. I just got lucky I suppose," he told The Newsport.

Coulthard has represented Queensland in the Under 12s previously, and said that his progress has been assisted by playing grade cricket with adults.

"Some players in B Grade will smash you if you bowl badly," he said.

He will now head to Dubai in October to represent Australia, his first overseas trip, something he thought unlikely as the names of the squad were being read out.

"I was called out last out of the whole 14 team members. I wasn't expecting to get in because there was this other player who performed really well and I thought he was going to get in.

"For some reason my name got called out and I was really shocked and surprised."

He thanked his family and friends for their ongoing support and said they were over the moon when given the news of his selection.

"They were pretty happy, pretty proud, Dad especially. I'd like to thank all the people who helped me get to this stage," he said.

Despite early success, Coulthard remains objective about where he is at with his cricket and the tough road that lies ahead.

"I can believe in myself now a bit more but Under 15s isn't really that important, it's the late age groups that really show whether you're going to go on.

"Under 19s and Under 21s are the ones that really count, and if you get into them hopefully things go even higher from there." 

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