Douglas region isolated by flood waters

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Douglas region isolated by flood waters

Update 6pm Wed: Captain Cook Highway - Buchan's Point is Open (with caution). 1 lane will be open and under traffic control from 6pm tonight.

Hwy will be CLOSED to all vehicles tomorrow (22/03/2012) from 8am - 11am and from 1pm to 5pm to continue clearing rubble.

Updated 5pm Wed:

CAPTAIN COOK HIGHWAY - OAK BEACH is Now Open. Proceed with caution
CAPTAIN COOK HIGHWAY - Buchan's Point Closed to all vehicles due to massive landslip, unsafe for travelling public. Emergency Services vehicles except road to remain closed for at least 24 hours. Please observe signage .

Updated 9am Wed: Mossman Mt Molly Rd Open - with caution

Mossman Mount Molloy Road At Bushy Creek & Little Gully is Open (with caution as advised by Qld Roads). Bushy Creek - water has reduced. Road has been re-opened but proceed with caution.

Update 7:15am Wed: The Captain Cook Highway is still closed.

Coach companies have been informed that the highway should open some time today. However Newsport has been informed by a reader that a worker on site believes repeat slides may delay for 1 - 2 days. See below.


Information is hard to gather as traditional road closure sites it appears are not updating after 6:40pm Tues until 23 March.


Update 5pm Tues: The Captain Cook Highway remains closed due to land slides and flooding.

Reports have been received that attempts to clear the highway of debris and soil are resulting in more landslides occurring, hampering the clean-up efforts.

Drivers are advised the highway remains blocked at Buchan’s Point, it is unclear when the road will be re-opened to motorists.

In the meantime, police advise the Mossman-Mount Molloy Road is now open to four wheel drive vehicles only as three locations are effected by flood waters, but warn of the dangers of crossing flood waters of any depth.

The Newsport has also been advised that all tour boats to the reef have been cancelled for Wednesday. Please check with your hotel’s tour desk or reception for more information.

Main Roads will be assessing the road at 11pm with crews working through the night. Newsport will report first thing in the morning as the reports come in. 

Tues 9:30am Continuing heavy rain has isolated residents from getting to work this morning with road closures due to flooding.

The RACQ advised the Captain Cook Highway had been cut at Buchan’s Point, Palm Cove, due to flooding, and advises drivers to find an alternative route.

However, the Mossman-Mount Molloy Road is also blocked, with Rifle Creek and Speer Creek both having 200mm of fast-flowing water over the road, effectively isolating Port Douglas from the rest of the region.

Cairns Regional Council has advised residents to stock up on enough essential supplies to last the next 36 hours. We will keep you up-to-date throughout the day.

Air transfers to Cairns are being offered by Skysafari for those needing to get to the airport. They have three helicopters available, prices from $390 pp + luggage.  Call 07 4099 3666 to book 

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