Classic Threes at Mossman

Thursday 29 March 2012

Classic Threes at Mossman

It was a fantastic day of competition on Saturday for the Men’s “Classic Threes”. The President congratulated all the new bowlers for their new found commitment and love of the game which was reflected in the spirit of the day.

The day went to C.Maxted, A.McDonald and J.Boadle, second place went to J.Royal, G.Sloper and C.Andreassen, and third went to D.Egan, C.Dwyer and T.Pitt.

Unfortunately, Sundays singles were a washout so next week will be a big line-up for Club competition.

On Saturday doubles games will be:

Kiwi and Ryan Pitt vs B.Wolland and A.Conroy
J.Girgenti and G.Wilmot vs P.Jansen and G.Bolton
D.Blain and A.Christie vs T.Brylack and C.Wills
N.Tesch and C.Andreassen vs S.Jellis and J.Maxwell

Sunday singles games will be:

Richard Pitt vs G.Bolton
C.Wills vs G.Marsh
P.Cleary vs R.Ashford
S.Jellis vs G.McLean (B Grade)
D.Blain vs N.Tesch (A Grade)
B.Wolland vs G.Banks (A Grade) 

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