43,353 visitors in 30 days

Friday 23 March 2012

43,353 visitors in 30 days

Port Douglas information platform tourismportdouglas.com.au reached another landmark yesterday when it registered it's 43,000th visitor to the site in just the last 30 days.  This new record visitation puts them on track for over 400,000 visitors for the year and is likely to translate into just under 2 million page views for the year.

Sam Cullen, Managing Director of the online publication said, "The site has been regularly achieving over 30,000 visitors every 30 days but this 40,000 figure is the most ever in a 30 day period"

When asked what he put this down to Mr Cullen said "It's a positive sign for the region, this means there is more people searching Port Douglas for information and travel plans than in previous years. We believe this has a lot to do with the great initiatives being carried out by individual operators, social media strategists, Tourism agencies, media coverage, major events, publications and possibly the biggest contributor the great weather we had last year".

Port Douglas whether good, bad or ugly stays in the public eye. For this reason it has an intrinsic brand.

When asked what their job was Mr Cullen answered "to make it as easy as possible for information seekers to find and access an honest end to end Port Douglas visitor information experience.  Our business and therefore platforms spend every waking moment asking the question what does the customer want, followed quickly by how can we deliver this at a high standard and this is paying off with the increasing client base we service. In the end we filter 40,000 odd information starved visitors to over 200 local businesses every month".

It is still clear that the 3 most popular visitors to Port Douglas that are on the increase are Victorians, NSW, South East Queenslanders. Internationally things are more positive as well with increases in Western market visitation from USA, UK, NZ and Canada with a notable increase from India stepping into 9th position this month with 143 unique visits. China although up from last quarter is still only coming in at 28th position with 33 enquiries.

Last 30 days:

1.    Australia             36,263
2.    United States       1,637  
3.    United Kingdom    1,488  
4.    New Zealand        1,308  
5.    Canada                    261  
6.    Germany                  206  
7.    Japan                       169  
8.    Netherlands             164  
9.    India                        143  
10.  Philippines               122  

The full list is made available on request to all tourismportdouglas.com directory listers.

"Some other interesting information for your readers is that of the 43,353 visits we have had in the last 30 days 7,707 of them were from mobile devices. For competitive moblie users out there you will again interested to know that 3,779 of them were IPhone, 3,691 were IPAD with a dismal 152 from Samsung Galaxy. What does this tell us? Be mobile ready ! Less images more key summarised information and better access". 

Thanks to Google Analytics for providing these figures.

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