Snake bite unavoidable

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Snake bite unavoidable

Media outlets around the nation and the world have latched on to the story of Kye Dalton, a two year-old Port Douglas boy who had a close encounter with a four metre amethystine python on Boxing Day.

Kye's Mum, Rachael Sullivan, explained the horrifying events to The Newsport.

"I've never seen a snake that big outside of (Wildlife) Habitat. I had (eldest son) Tyiese (3) on my lap, Kye was standing on the ground in front of us and we were throwing the ball to each other.

"He (Kye) threw the ball behind me and he's run to grab it, and within seconds he let out a massive scream. By the time it took me to get a metre behind me and grab the snake it had wrapped around his chest.

"The snake had bitten him once. What people are getting a bit misconstrued (about) is that pythons have two layers of top teeth and one down the bottom so he's got about four bite marks but it was only one actual bite.

"It had a strong grip. I started ripping at it straight away, the snake had marks on it because I actually clawed at it but I couldn't get it to move. It got to the point where I figured out I wouldn't be able to get it off by myself so I picked Kye up and the snake and ran off into the street screaming.

"I knew someone who lived in that area so I ran in that direction. My neighbours ran out to help, it was actually the first time I've met them. They're great, there's definitely a life bond there."

Kye was rushed to Mossman Hospital where he was treated, and then transferred to Cairns.

What has made a stressful situation more so is the criticism Ms Sullivan has endured from some who have been led to believe by some reports that Kye was unsupervised at the time of the attack, and for Ms Sullivan's request not to have the snake destroyed.

"There was a big uproar about that saying "what kind of mother wouldn't want the snake killed?" The internet has come out with horrible comments.

"I think people are assuming I've left him (Kye) to get help. The main thing I want to get across is how close he was to me and he was being supervised. He was being supervised and it still happened.

Ms Sullivan's eldest son, Tyiese, was bitten on the back of the neck by a snake in a backyard while playing under a tree in Cooya Beach last year. She said that her children regularly see snakes and know not to approach them.

Kye has recovered well since his ordeal. 

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