Focus Feature - Property & Pizza

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Focus Feature - Property & Pizza

In a unique mix of investment and ingestion, Property For Wealth will be holding a free 'Property and Pizza' evening on Monday 6 February at the Port Douglas Community Hall commencing at 6.30pm.
The current property market no doubt provides investors with some fantastic opportunities, and hosts Shelly Smith and Jason Currie will guide you through some of the key issues of property.

"That involves understanding your circumstances and your goals and then formulating a clear strategy to help you build a successful property portfolio," Shelly said.

"Our clients typically hold multiple properties with minimal impact to their cash flow, some of their portfolios are fully self-funding , that way they can still enjoy life, do the things they love to do and feel secure they’ve got properties working for them, growing in value, making them money and ultimately allowing them to retire wealthy."

If you live in the region then you may be thinking of investing locally, but Property For Wealth will help you cast your net wider and find the best properties across Australia.

"I’m passionate about helping people create wealth for themselves and their families," Shelly said. "Dedication, discipline and determination are the three D’s that motivates and inspires me to help my clients reach their goals and achieve success." 

Fellow consultant Jason Currie said surrounding yourself with the knowledgable people is a key to success.

"As a consultant I help clients with motivation, belief, accountability, and developing a wealthy mindset. Having the right team around you who can add value to you is one of the secrets of creating wealth."

Bookings for the evening are essential and can be made through the Trybooking website. For more information contact Shelly on 0461 691 605 or 

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