Pleasure in Pie plight

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Pleasure in Pie plight

The latest email floating about and no doubt started by a Carlton supporter is a beauty. It shows Mick Malthouse's phone at three quarter time on Friday night having 14 missed calls from Nathan Buckley and an SMS reading, 'hey Mick, what the $%^# do I do?'

The whole non-Collingwood football world is right now in sheer delight and I am certainly one of them!

As a Brisbane supporter I doubt there will be much to cheer about this year so I will get my pleasures laughing at the Pies passing up possibly the best coach in the game for a rookie Nathan Buckley who so far has been an absolute dud.

When Eddie Maguire drafted up the idea for a coaching succession plan did he think it through? Did he realise that if things got hairy Bucks doesn't have a bag of tricks to go to?

Now Collingwood certainly have time to turn this thing around but a couple more losses will make it very interesting. Adding fuel to the fire is the public criticising of the Pres and ex-coach.

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Mick Malthouse looks to come out of this looking like the super coach he was and surely a club will snap him up next season. The Demons or perhaps where it all began for him - the Western bulldogs?

While all eyes are on the Pies one can't look away at how clinical Carlton have been so far this season. Them, West Coast and Hawthorn look certain for the top four this season and North Melbourne also seem to have improved heaps.

I have no doubt Geelong will get the premiership rust out and be up there as well. The Bombers are three wins from three starts but were lucky to escape with a win on Dustin Fletcher's 350th.

Gary Ablett became the only player to notch 40 touches in three successive games and one must ponder how good Geelong would be had he stayed there...

The first clash of the NBL finalists was certainly worth sitting up for. It was a roller coaster of a ride in the last quarter and somehow the home side NZ Breakers prevailed.

I thought Perth had it but CJ Bruton did what he does best - hit the big shots! This guy thrives on having the ball when the game's on the line and he seldom disappoints.

The series shifts back to Perth on Friday night and it will be disappointing if they don't take care of business and send it to a third game. I'm sticking with Perth in three...

This week's winners

Carlton (Smashed those Pies)
Hawks (Handed Crows first loss for 2012)
NZ Breakers (Nice!)
St Kilda (maybe not done yet)
Storm and Cowboys (my two teams keep winning)
Larry Sengstock (shock resignation as the head of BA but did a great job)
Richmond (on the board)
Gold Coast Suns (a great loss)
This week's losers

Collingwood (imagine if they don't make the 8)
Western Bulldogs (is this the same team that's been knocking on the door the last few years?)
Brisbane Lions (Vossy thinks there's not too much to worry about?)
Essendon (a bad win)

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