Focus Feature - Recipe of the month

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Focus Feature - Recipe of the month

Want to cook like the masters? Check out this mouth-watering recipe from Sheraton Mirage Executive Chef, Klaus Keller.

Crispy seared salt water barramundi on celeriac puree with tamarillo and palm heart jam, green asparagus and vanilla lime beurre blanc.

Main Ingredients
Barramundi with skin - 180gm fillet
Asparagus - 2 shoots
Celeriac puree            
Celeriac - 200gm            .     
Milk - 150ml                       
Water - 150ml             
Salt - To taste           
Cream - 20ml           
Butter -10gm 
White Pepper

Clean and cut celeriac in small cubes
Add in water and milk and seasonings.
Cook until soft and sieve the mixture.
Add cream and butter to bind and season to taste.

Tamarillos - 2 numbers              
Palm heart - 20gm                  
Palm sugar - 10gm                   
Salt - To taste                   
Vinegar - 2 Tsp                  
Star anise -2 numbers              
Oil - 25ml
Lime juice - half number

Chop the tamarillo and mix with the palm heart.
Heat oil in a pan and add star anise and all the above mixture. Cook till the mixture leaves moisture, add the sugar.
Cook for 5 minutes. Add lime juice and vinegar. Cook till jam consistency.

Vanilla buerre Blanc       
Vanilla bean - half number             
Lemon juice - half number   
Butter - 20gms                  
Shallots - 20gms            
White wine - 20ml
Salt – To taste

Heat oil in pan. Sauté the fine chopped shallots.
Add white wine and lemon juice and reduce to half.
Add vanilla bean and slowly mix in butter. Stir till thick and pour over the fish.


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