Million dollar memo to businesses

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Million dollar memo to businesses


Tourism Queensland has launched its latest campaign 'Million Dollar Memo' in an attempt to lure visitors back to the State.

The four year, $6.9 million campaign, will target businesses from around the world who will vie for the opportunity to win a luxury Queensland holiday at various tourism destinations including Tropical North Queensland.

"Every year companies invest billions of dollars in corporate reward holidays for their staff, Ms Bligh said at the campaign's launch.

The Million Dollar Memo asks businesses to go to the website and submit an entertaining 60 second video showing why their workplace deserves to win $1 million worth of travel experiences, and why they think Queensland is the ultimate reward for their staff.


Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jan Jarratt said the campaign follows the Best Job in the World promotion and aims to position Queensland as one of the world's leading destinations for the lucrative travel incentive market.

"In the 12 months to September 2010, 1.7 million Australian and international visitors undertook an incentive experience in Australia and spent over $1 billion, Ms Jarratt said.

"Incentive travellers spend around 2.5 times more per day than regular visitors and approximately $334 million on their visits to Queensland each year.

"Not only is this campaign going to be a great boost for the Queensland Tourism industry we're also telling the business world that beautiful Queensland is open to visitors."

TQ expects the publicity generated by the campaign to be "enormous" with entries online and a range of promotions including global stunts and the distribution of more than 55,000 Million Dollar Memo coffee cups to coffee outlets in major cities throughout Australia.

Ms Jarratt said the global promotion, which has been in the planning stages for 18 months, would further assist the State's tourism industry following recent natural disasters. The $6.9 million campaign will include $4.4 million in Tourism Queensland funding and $2.5 million in partner contributions to be rolled out to 2013.

The Million Dollar Memo will run from 18 March until 1 May and consista of three phases; a Top 50 short-list, a Final 20 list and an Incentive Challenge which will see a representative of the final 20 companies travel to Queensland to compete in an Incentive Challenge to be held in unique locations throughout the State from August 23.

The winner will be announced on August 31.

For more information and to submit entries go to