Master in a Rage

Monday 28 March 2011

Master in a Rage


Local musician and songwriter, Omid Master, has released a video to accompany his single 'When I close my eyes'.

Omid said the single was written 18 months ago and released late last year with the album 'Forgotten about today'.


"My brother Mobin produced it, and he also produced the hit song 'Show me love'. . .I wrote the song (When I close my eyes) and recorded it at home, then I sent it to Adelaide and re-did the vocals, then I sent it to my brother in Melbourne and he did the actual music and bass guitar, and then I got it remastered in Brisbane.

"Today I spoke to someone from Fox FM who says it sounds like it's in the same genre as Snow Patrol," Omid said.

The video was filmed in Sydney by graduates of film and television, and Omid hinted that it may soon to be played on ABC's legendary music video show, Rage.

Omid will be playing at Cairns Esplanade on 30 April at 3pm.