Fresh identity needed, Chamber member

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Fresh identity needed, Chamber member


Tony McInnes features in the second of our Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce profiles. These profiles allow the business community get to know their Chamber committee members a little more.

The Newsport: What's your position on the Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce?
Tony McInnes: I'm a Committee Member

TN: How long have you been on the committee?

Tony: Around five months

TN: What sub-committee do you sit on?

Tony: I'm on the Communications sub-committee.

TN: What is your specific focus as a member of the committee?

Tony: I'm assisting the committee in driving commerce in Port Douglas and lifting the Chamber’s profile through effective online and traditional media communication.

TN: How long have you lived in Port Douglas?

Tony: Since 1995, 16 years.

TN: Are you a business owner?

Tony: Yes, I run Rmediaworx,, and One2one Media.

TN: What's your previous business experience?

Tony: I've worked in many industries and roles including Tourism, Finance, Printing, Websites, I've been a Resort and Hotel Restaurant Manager, Resort Purchasing Manager, Resort and Hotel Financial Controller, Printing Operations Manager, and Websites and Digital Services Manager

TN: What's the biggest change in business you’ve seen while in Port Douglas?

Tony: The introduction and growth of large company businesses that employ locals, but the decision-making is made outside our region which often is based on macro-economics, not our town’s direct needs and local community support mechanisms.

TN: What are the biggest challenges that lay ahead Port Douglas?

Tony: I believe our biggest challenge is to come up with a fresh identity for the destination and market it on the current small amount of funding.

TN: What are the biggest opportunities for Port Douglas businesses in the future?

Tony: To work together to drive business into the town and within the town to greater levels across all industries.
TN: What is Port Douglas' best keep secret?

Tony: We offer products and services for all budgets, not just the high end market. This is the message that we get from expo interaction with potential visitors to our town. This is the consistent message we hear across the major population centres around Australia and NZ. 

The Committee

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