The sports wrap with Nicky G

Tuesday 4 January 2011

The sports wrap with Nicky G


by Nick Gibson

Brendon Fevola shouldn’t drink! Just when it seemed all quiet on the AFL scandal front, Fev decides to get loaded on New Year’s Eve, in a public place and get thrown in the slammer.

The sad part is I’m a Brisbane Lions supporter and as much as he is a serial pest on the lunatic soup, we needed him fit, firing and kicking goals this season. Is this the end for Fev?

I'll bet coach Vossy and his entourage have numb foreheads from head butting walls in an attempt to make the Fev trade work. How do they give him another chance knowing that it’s not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ scenario for the next time.  The answer is easier said than done – NO BOOZE FOR FEV!

As a former night club owner/manager and a player of AFL I’ve seen plenty of blokes who fit the Fev category. They are great blokes when sober but the ‘instant idiot - just add alcohol’ moniker fits them to a tee.

I remember getting exhausted defending blokes who were my teammates and good friends because they change into two headed monsters on the sauce.

That is where Vossy is right now only the stakes are bigger and the consequences a lot more serious.

You often hear how great Fev is around the club and with the kids at Auskick, but then he gets loaded and exposes himself (allegedly), urinates in public (definitely), and shares photos of naked ex-girlfriend models to his mates (you beauty!), just to name a few.

The saddest part about this one is the police stated how locking people up is a last resort in this situation as they try and negotiate with drunks to move on. Fev, however didn’t know where he was or what he was yelling which is a tired excuse that will work once or maybe twice, but not 104 times!

Let's move on.

In other sport the Ashes is gone which has prompted Australian cricket into a brand new era. Kudos to Ricky Ponting for being a great Captain and his shoes will be harder to fill than most people think.

The Taipans keep rolling along with another ugly low scoring win at home, and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race has been and gone for another year.

Wild Oats XI took the honours and with a cold beer I struggled to choose whether to watch the telecast or watch the coats of paint dry in my garage which my wife had spent all day rolling!

Happy New Year
Nicky G