The O Show - Have your say!

Thursday 20 January 2011

The O Show - Have your say!


Can you remember there ever being so much hype about a TV show? Ones that come close are the last ever Seinfeld episode, the first MasterChef final, and (I'm told) the locally shot Steven Spielberg series, The Pacific.

But I can't imagine where the future of an entire industry appears so closely linked to the TV show's (and accompanying marketing campaign's) success.

Million of American viewers watched the first of four episodes that went to air in the US on Tuesday, and Queensland has already seen some benefit with an estimated $20 million being given by viewers to the flood appeal.

Oprah began her Australian adventure landing on Hamilton Island before visiting the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach where she hosted a beach barbeque with celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

She then travelled to Uluru before flying to Melbourne to meet Prime Minister Julia Gillard and a crowd of 10,000 in Melbourne‚Äôs Federation Square. 

Did it live up to the hype? Were there any surprises? How did it paint Australia and its people? Will you watch the last three episodes? And most importantly, will it help bring people to our country?