Taylah's gift to the sick kids

Friday 16 December 2011 

Taylah's gift to the sick kids

The fundraising effort of an eight-year-old Port Douglas school girl is inspiring her peers to be more considerate to less healthy kids.

Taylah Jane Harper, who is in Year Four at Port Douglas State School, recently raised $188.10 for the kids at Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital by making handicrafts.

"At the beginning of Term Three, I decided to do a fundraiser for the Royal Children's Hospital," Taylah said.

"What I did to raise the money was make headbands, wristbands and anklets, braided out of wool.

"The wristbands and anklets cost 50c and the headbands $1.

"I raised $88.10, then my Nan and Pa put $100 to it, so then I had $188.10 in total."

Taylah then posted the cheque off to the hospital, with her family and teachers at the school very proud of her efforts.

"I hope the money goes to good use," Taylah said.

Let's hope Taylah's generosity rubs off on some of us adults, too. 

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