Eco Taxis ready to roll

Monday 19 December 2011

Eco Taxis ready to roll

You'll have to keep your eyes peeled, because you'll never hear Port's newest taxis coming.

The launch of a fleet of 'Eco Taxis' at the Sheraton Mirage on Friday was the culmination of months of planning, research, and design work from owner and operator, Mark Myers.

Mr Myers, who heralds from Yorkshire in the UK, said people expecting the rickshaw style pedicabs found in Asia will be pleasantly surprised.

"They're pretty high tech. They've got disc brakes and indicators and they're very safe to travel in. I saw them in Europe and thought they were just perfect (for Port Douglas).

The riders of the taxis will be assisted by a 200 watt motor which provides additional horse power on the long, hot days of the summer period. 

“With the battery currently being rechargeable, we are looking at installing solar panels in the future, using our plentiful natural resource, the sun, that we here in the Tropical North are so lucky to have access to.

"This will in turn dramatically lower the need for the use of electricity to recharge the battery, which will save further on the use of natural resources.” 

Sheraton Mirage general manager, Lachlan Walker, loved the idea so much, you'll be seeing their eye-catching branding on one of the new taxis.

"It's a great new concept and it's something new to the town, a town known for its environmental practices and so is the Sheraton," Mr Walker said.

"We loved the idea of people being able to feel the wind in their face and really enjoy the outdoors.

"I've been in them a number of times and a nice breeze comes through. It's an ideal way to get from the Sheraton into town."

The Eco Taxis will operate throughout town with the Sheraton the furthest out of town the fleet will travel.

Passengers wanting a ride home to Murphy Street may still want to bring they're walking shoes.

"That's just a little bit too steep," Mr Myers said.

Eco Taxi rides cost $10 around town, or $15 to the Sheraton.

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