Public shouldn't foot bill for Sheraton

Thursday 14 April 2011

Public shouldn't foot bill for Sheraton


Public money should not be used for the development of the Sheraton Mirage. That's the view of Cook MP Jason O'Brien after it was announced that David Marriner and a Chinese investor purchased the property for $35 million.

Mr O'Brien also declared that he was not aware of any tax payer funded assistance to help with the negotiations of the sale.

"I doubt there would have been or will be (financial support from the State Government).  My view of this is they've bought the property with Chinese investment, I don't think that tax payers should be supporting the further development of that property.

"It's a private investment and it should be kept private. They're not going to share the profits with us down the track if they do get State money.

"I welcome the investment (from the Chinese investor), I don't know who it is, it doesn't matter…but I just don't think there is a place for public money in the ongoing development of the property."

"My focus is to get some public money into the Port Douglas waterfront area which has a community benefit for all," he said.

Mr Marriner is known for his love of the theatre, and it is rumoured that he has plans to build a theatre in Port Douglas to attract major shows to the Far North.

Sheraton Mirage general manager, Lachlan Walker said he has not yet been made aware of what Mr Marriner has in mind for his newly acquired property.

"It has just settled so I don't have that information as yet. We don't have all the details because it's just too early."

He said that the sale will not affect current employees of Sheraton Mirage, and there is a feeling of anticipation for the future of the resort.

"Everybody is very pleased and excited and is looking forward to working with the new company."